4735 Oxidian

4735 Oxidian

Deep. Mysterious.

Transformed alloys such as bronze, steel and cast iron have woven a dramatic spell over contemporary design, fueling consumers’ insatiable desire for metallic
finishes while capturing the mysterious essence of alchemy.

Part of the Metropolitan Collection, Oxidian celebrates the industrial aesthetic of patina and the tactile experience of touch. Tarnished with an oxidised russet effect that is distributed unevenly, just like real rust, Oxidian presents a trend-savvy dark grey base with true depth.

Oxidian's slightly textured Natural finish conjures up the emotional caress of stone; adding warmth to the grain so it's pleasing to the touch. A satin sheen that gently reflects light – captivating the viewer and enhancing the depth of a color, especially on darker shades. Our new Natural finish combines the appeal of texture one can actually feel – with the practicality of the minimal care and maintenance synonymous with all Caesarstone products.


View Youtube video of the new colour:

View 4735 Oxidian™ in-person

4735 Oxidian samples are only indicative of a part of a slab, and we strongly encourage viewing displays in your nearest Caesarstone Showroom or Kitchen Retail Showroom to appreciate first-hand the nature of this high movement design.

Care And Maintenance

  • Non-Porous
  • Clean with regular detergents
  • No sealing or waxing!
  • Heat resistant

Technical Information

  • Thickness: 13 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm
  • Finishes: Natural
  • Sizes: 1400 mm * 3000 mm