Black and White Kitchen ideas

A black and white design for a kitchen is a classic design. No matter if you are planning a complete makeover for your kitchen or just playing with the black and white design, it is without any doubt going to look great. Here are some tips that will help you use this timeless black and white design in the right way, sothat you will enjoy your perfect kitchen for many years to come.

Dark worktops and White Cabinets
The most common way to design a black and white kitchen is to install white cabinets and dark worktops. This way the darker worktops contrast the white cabinetry. Another way is to use white washed wood panels and on top of them place soap stone or green marble. This will create the perfect balance between the dark and the bright colours. You can use this trip in any kind of kitchen: in a country style kitchen, a chic kitchen or even in a traditional style kitchen. The colour of the floor should be either dark or light or both combined in checkered tiles. The backsplash can be while tiled and it will add the needed accent to you kitchen design.

Dark Cabinets and White worktops
This black and white design theme is not very different from the one mentioned above. The only difference is that the contrasting colours are reversed in their roles. This time the cabinets are black and they are contrasted by the white worktops and the white floors, creating a beautiful modern style design. Black cabinets go well together with stainless steel appliances, accent furniture and of course, tiled backsplash. If you want to design a French styled kitchen, you can combine black cabinetry and creamy rich white marble worktops with wood, stone and metal made elements.

The Importance of Accents
If you want to combine a modern style kitchen with a country style kitchen, black and white colour scheme can suit you well. The black and white theme is a versatile theme and can fit any style and any look. When using the contrasting black and white colours in your kitchen, it is important to avoid the cluttered or divided look that can be a result of too much white or too much black. This can be avoided by using the right accents to the kitchen space, creating a perfect balanced look.

Accenting with Bright Colours
Bright and bold colour accents can be used in your black and white kitchen design. They create a modern feel in the kitchen space and match perfectly the black and white kitchen style. No matter what colour you might choose for this, be sure that it will fit perfectly into the design. However, it is important to keep to minimum the colourful accents, especially if you want to use them in several different parts of the kitchen.

Natural Colours accenting
Some accents do not have to be bright or bold . For this you can use stone, wood, metal and ceramic materials to create contrast to the black and white kitchen design. These elements won’t take over the space like other kinds of accents might do, but blend in perfectly and create a beautiful look. The main role of the natural colour accents is to break the monotony of black and white design and this can be easily done with stainless steel appliances, brick walls, tin ceiling tiles, and so on.

Accenting with Trim
Another way to add accents to the black and white design are trim accents such as crown modeling or baseboard. This will break the space in your kitchen and frame the openings. In addition trim accents will frame the kitchen cabinets and give room to buried in kitchen appliances, without making it look too divided.

Accenting with Backsplashes
A backsplash can provide balance to the black and white colours dominating the kitchen. You can choose colourful bright bold tiles for the backsplash, making it the center of your kitchen or rather choose a simpler design like eggshell coloured tiles, that will blend with the all white quartz worktops in your kitchen.