Caesarstone Mid-Year Promotion Winners

Purchase an exclusive Caesarstone countertop and win!

200th Winner: Tan Boon Tong
Winner of Caesarstone counter top

Mr Tan’s testimonial
Caesarstone is simply the best quartz brand around, providing excellent quality and the maintenance of the stones are very easy and hassle-free. The price is just right and their post purchase service is top notch. My family particularly like the classico range – Snow, because Snow offers a calming smooth quartz surface finish that fits our kitchen concept designed by Khoon Renovation.

80th Winner: Leong Kah Hong
Wins a pair of free ticket to Bangkok

Mr Leong’s testimonial
Caesarstone is my preferred countertop material when I visited craftmen to do up my kitchen. I fell in love immediately with Caesarstone Supernatural series – London Grey. I love how the veins run across the full slab beautifully and naturally. Most importantly, unlike using natural stone, Caesarstone is highly durable and scratch resistance, which I get to save a lot for the maintenance cost. Signing up for the 10 warranty not only gives me a free trip to Bangkok but it also gives me a peace of mind that they have a group of technical staff to whom I can look for if I have any questions on Caesarstone.

120th Winner: Mattew Leung
Wins a pair of free ticket to Bangkok

Mr Leung’s testimonial
Caesarstone is a very reputable brand and one that can be seen everywhere.
What I particularly like about Caesarstone is their unique colours and quality.
I am using the Caesarstone supernatural collection - Emperado and now my wife is not worried about staining the kitchen counter top or worries over cracks on the surface because Caesarstone is truly durable. Thanks to the 10 year warranty, we are appreciative this after sales service that Caesarstone provides.

160th Winner: Mr. Lum
Wins a pair of free ticket to Bangkok

Mr Lum’s testimonial
For me colours are very important when I had to pick a colour for my kitchen counter top. I was very satisfied with the variety and range of colours that Caesarstone provides. I picked Snow for its natural white shimmer gorgeous look and practicability. Caesarstone is so durable that I need not worry about wine stains or crack marks. And if I have any issues, I know I can fall back on Caesarstone 10 year warranty.