Keeping Up With Kitchen Trend 2019 – Caesarstone's 2019/20 New Collection

Every new year brings a new collection of trends – some are inspired by the past while others break boundaries with their inventiveness. This is especially true for surfaces that are used in Residential/Commerical interior designs and no one understands the latest trends better than Caesarstone.


As a pioneer in worldwide quartz surfaces manufacturing, Caesarstone not only offers an extensive coffer of bold, beautiful, and understated surfaces but they are always delivering newer ones to make pace with what’s popular in the market. The latest addition to their Metropolitan and Supernatural collections are a testament to how on-point their designs really are.


While the past used to be all about embracing the charm of polished surfaces, the newest trends are leaning towards rough/matte textures and finishes. So the newest quartz surfaces introduced by Caesarstone are of the latter variety – edgy grains that represent the rethinking of brutalism, industrialism, and urbanity. This weathered patina is innovative because it’s the first time that it’s been emulated through engineered quartz.


So, be it a kitchen countertop, an island, a bathroom vanity, a dining table, or even a statement wall, these new stunning textures are definitely going to blow you away in all contexts.


Let’s take a better look at what’s new in this collection:

 4023 Topus Concrete

Interior Design, Home Renovation, Image Source: Caesarstone


The raw and industrial style appeal of concrete textures seem to be becoming more and more coveted with the passage of time. This is why Caesarstone has come up with a fascinating new take on this particular texture.

4023 Topus Concrete is a quartz stone surface that was inspired by topological strata – which actually refers to fossilized textures that have been layered upon each other to create stunning patinas. It’s a very unique take on the typical concrete texture because this particular articulation has so much more dimension. It actually emphasizes surface movement and highlights the depth of the patina itself.


4023 Topus Concrete features a light constitution. It’s a blend of blush pinks and dove greys with an understated roughness that would go amazingly well with a neutral themed interior design. It would also provide excellent contrast against a dark coloured theme home interior.


4044 Airy Concrete

Interior Design, Home Renovation, Image Source: Caesarstone


Another quartz stone texture inspired by the sleek urbanity of concrete, this one features the lightest shade of grey that is just the perfect hue for complementing both light and dark themed interior designs. It goes especially well with timer and wood textures, but you can also use it to emphasize minimalist and modern settings as well.


Within the whole light gray-scale of this stone, there are varying textures and a gorgeous patina that emulates a trendy rawness. The rough concrete aura of 4044 Airy Concrete is not just charismatic but also sophisticated, tactile, and enriched with stunning accents.

 6338 Woodlands

Interior Design, Home Renovation, Image Source: Caesarstone


The Supernatural collection by Caesarstone is a fan-favorite. Inspired by the decadence of marble, it features many gorgeously veined quartz stone surfaces and Woodlands is the newest addition to its repertoire. The edgy beauty and graceful sophistication of this surface is perfect for highlighting all sorts of interior designs – be it light, dark, or eclectic.


It emulates the beauty of natural stone – complete with intricate veins, a bold colour scheme, and edgy textures. Engineered with Caesarstone’s refined veining technology, you’ll definitely be impressed with the various layers of hues and tints that make up the face of this stone surface. It features a stunning grey base that is overlaid with rich warmer tones and carries an authenticity that is only ever found in natural stones.



Advertorial Credits: Renopedia