Caesarstone launches four new light-coloured designs for the 2021/22 Whitelight Collection

Each of the new surfaces showcases the brand’s latest innovation of colour, pattern, and finish, delivering on consumer needs nowadays for serenity and calmness


Sep 2021. Caesarstone Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSTE), a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality engineered surfaces, unveils its new collection in mid-September 2021, expanding the brand’s portfolio with four minimalist, light-coloured stones that join the brand’s exclusive light-colour offering, introduced as Whitelight Collection.

This range of countertops is a response to the growing market demand for lighter, nature-inspired surfaces that resonate sophistication alongside cleanliness and hygiene. The collection’s warmth and special lightness complement the brand’s innovative variety of designs, manufactured with Caesarstone’s breakthrough technologies that secure the safety and durability of the countertops.

The forward-looking Whitelight Collection is intended for spaces that are primarily productive and creative, such as the family kitchen, which is becoming increasingly more active under the current global situation.

Caesarstone South East Asia Head of Marketing Vivian Feng: “Our Whitelight Collection offer the most current compositions of lighter neutrals and minimalism. We’re spending much more time at home currently, and these new light colours are crafted to instill a sense of wellness and serenity, most needed at home right now.”


The Whitelight Collection introduces the following new colours:

5112 Aterra Blanca, a timeless classic that is inspired by natural marble. Its misty white base unravels with the softest strokes of earthy veining, swirling slowly into the stone that radiates a translucent glow, with warm, milky movements. This is one of the new light-coloured designs currently launched.

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5171 Arabetto, featuring the movement and patterns found in raw stones. It is a swirling galaxy of dynamic grey stripes and speckles that span across a crisp white surface, capturing a complex composition of minerals in a delicate interlacing of jade and copper that thread through this impressive stone. This is one of the new light-coloured designs currently launched.

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5222 Adamina, captures the slow crystallization of fine particles into a soft sandstone. As if washed by the winds of time, it recreates the tender touches of a golden dune or serene dessert, with light rippling over the surface like a wave, whisking its neutral putty complexion into layers of taupe that are veiled by lush earthy sands. This is one of the new light-coloured designs currently launched.

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5114 Calacatta Maximus, a surface that takes after the exquisite calacatta, with a pure white backdrop animated by bold flashes of a soft mix of warm neutrals, highlighted by golden-copper lines that lend its lavish look of luxury. This is one of the new light-coloured design currently launched.

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Whitelight Collection also includes the following colours:

5031 Statuario Maximus is the embodiment of classic elegance with a gentler modern edge, found in a feathered dove-white base that is contrasted by broad light-grey veins in a clouded swirl absorbed deep into the surface, like mist. The veining is finely traced with slightly darker borders, outlining the crossgrain with authentic mineral aspects.

5143 White Attica, brings an alluring combination that overflows with the rush of grey and black inky tones, ebbing across a flawless white base in rapid movement, boldly dominant and expressively diagonal, touched by brown highlights that mystify the stone’s classic tonality.

5151 Empira White, appears as a timeless white base of the purest hue, touched by the movement of soft shadows and dominant black veins, in an interplay of light and dark that is alive with emotion and movement, yet refined with the rustle of fine lines atop its shadowy alluvial layers that add depth.


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