Discover The New Porcelain Collection By Caesarstone



Renowned for premium quartz and stone countertops, Caesarstone continues to lead with an expanded lineup that now also includes remarkable and luxurious porcelain surfaces—and they are just as hard-wearing and easy to maintain as the brand’s quartz collections.
This broad selection of porcelain surfaces is born out of rigorous research and answers consumer demands for bolder, cutting-edge designs in a variety of materials, leveraging the brand’s 35 years as a global countertop expert.
Comprising nine brand-new patterns and hues, the Porcelain Collection by Caesarstone gives you the freedom to mix and match materials in your home and craft your ultimate dream space, always with a guarantee of quality and durability.
The heightened veining, palpable textures and dynamic patterns are underscored by reinforced strength, resistance and durability, resulting in surfaces that are suited for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Hard-wearing porcelain countertops
What sets the porcelain surfaces by Caesarstone apart is a unique combination of cutting-edge durability, ease of maintenance, hygiene and, of course, unmatched beauty and craftsmanship.
The surfaces in the Porcelain Collection are imbued with the brand’s Fortified Frame, an innovative property that ensures it’s non-porous and resistant to scratches, pressure, rupture and stains, even after years of high-volume use.
The surfaces can also withstand high temperatures—including pots and pans fresh off the hob—and UV rays thanks to the High-Heat Structure, meaning the collection is perfectly suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications.
To ensure hygiene, Caesarstone’s porcelain surfaces are crafted to inhibit any growth of bacteria, mould and mildew, keeping your home safe and sanitary year after year.




Beautiful surfaces for indoor and outdoor use

Caesarstone’s Porcelain Collection is designed for strength and extreme heat resistance while bringing everlasting beauty to every space, from a BTO kitchen to a grand alfresco terrace.
Thanks to the brand’s newest technology, including its Forward Design, the surfaces in this collection achieve striking colour schemes, bold veins, palpable textures and magnified patterns. The two finishes—Honed and Ultra Rough—further accentuate each design.
The best part? The weather-resistant, natural materials ensure that these surfaces are just as beautiful ten years down the line, with no fading or changes in colour even in direct sunlight. Indulge in breezy alfresco dining, whip up a feast outdoors and enjoy the fresh air with Caesarstone’s Porcelain Collection, minus any worrying about wear and tear.



Understated designs and long-lasting finishes

The new Porcelain Collection by Caesarstone brings you nine unique new surfaces, fresh yet timelessly beautiful. Inspired in part by natural marble and in part by concrete and industrial metals, each surface captures a deeply nuanced palette of textures and tones.
Discover the luxurious 501 Snowdrift with its pure white backdrop and delicate golden veining, or 504 Lumena, which steals the show with a pearl-white base, crackling, dark grey veins and blush undertones.


506 Mirabel, on the other hand, offers a bold ivory and clay base, densely traversed by wide charcoal veins and copper accents. All three surfaces are available in a lovely Honed finish.
Softly echoing the patina of concrete and covered with a hazy, subtle mesh imprint, 413 White Ciment is another instant favourite, this one tactile and raw in the brand’s Ultra Rough finish. The whitewashed surface is almost cloud-like, with a warm presence that lights up the room.
Each of these porcelain surfaces has been crafted in one distinct finish, either Honed or Ultra Rough, bringing out its beauty while ensuring durability without the need for wax or sealants.



The Honed finish is smooth to the touch
and easy on the eyes, with organic
luminosity. Its satin sheen reflects light,
brightening the room and highlighting
deeper dimensions within each surface.
The most tactile Caesarstone finish
to date, Ultra Rough brings a unique
granular touch to porcelain, adding an
unparalleled dimension of authentic

Custom surfaces and personalised
edge profiles
What makes Caesarstone extra easy to
work with is that each slab comes in a
standard engineered cut. This means
the surface is ready to be transformed
according to your specifications, turning
it into the perfect statement piece for
your home.



Your surface’s edge profile can also be customised in a variety of thicknesses to suit your personal design style and unique creations. No matter your style and preferences, you’re guaranteed to achieve your dream home design with these next-generation porcelain surfaces. Caesarstone brings the beauty of natural stone into your home and even to your favourite outdoor spaces, all the while ensuring durability, ease of maintenance and hygiene at all times.





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