Discover the Organic Quartz Surfaces in the Pebbles Collection

Caesarstone launches the environmentally friendly Pebbles Collection with

four new non-porous, hard-wearing quartz surfaces.



Joining Caesarstone’s lineup of engineered quartz surfaces is the new Pebbles Collection this March, debuting four new shades inspired by the natural forces that shape the form and texture of pebbles over the years. This new range celebrates Caesarstone’s 35th year of leading the world in sustainable surfaces, choosing the pebble—a symbol of nature’s inimitable role in the art of creation—as inspiration for its very latest collection of quartz surfaces.

The new Pebbles Collection comprises shades like the off-white 1001 Riverlet with honied-amber capillaries and a honed finish ideal for low-light areas, as well as 1004 Stoneburst with delicate veining that lends the surface subtle depth and dimension.



1003 Raindream steals the show with two layers of slate greys accentuated by dark grey strokes, emulating the look of wet river stone with a gorgeous polished finish. 1002 Wyndigo rounds off the lineup with warm, earthy monochromes over a soft greige base—a two-toned mottled patina with foaming grey veining and a honed finish.

Inspired by nature, these organic surfaces make for calming, tactile countertops that are simultaneously deeply luxurious and perfect for cooking and food prep. Composed of multiple shades that subtly flow into each other, each design evokes the nuances of our natural environment, effortlessly bringing the outdoors into our homes.


“Nature is a part of us,” shares Caesarstone’s Chief Designer Mor Krisher, “and we are a part of nature.” His inspiration behind the new collection lies in the variations found in the natural materials all around us, evoking the organic texture, gentle hues and subtle details that he has now brought into the kitchen. The result is harmonious and authentic; intuitive interiors that blend seamlessly into our busy lifestyles.





Of course, the surfaces in the Pebbles Collection
are also easy to clean and perfectly non-porous, never needing to be sealed. In a first for any quartz surface and a testament to the confidence and trust the brand has in its products, Caesarstone carries a 10-year warranty across all Pebbles surfaces, ensuring complete peace of mind for the consumer.

This commitment to longevity and durability is only one of Caesarstone’s four pillars of sustainability,
ensuring that their surfaces are always
future-proof and environmentally friendly.
Lowering styrene emissions, water usage and
waste while increasing the use of renewable
energy and environmentally sustainable
transportation opportunities is another key
priority for Caesarstone, ensuring a lower
carbon footprint across the board.

The cherry on top is the creation of a
safer working environment and the launch of
The Master of Stone, an initiative to create a
safe, clean and dust-free workspace for the
entire stone industry.

Alongside the Pebbles Collection
launching on 15 March 2023, Caesarstone
will also be introducing the new 5820
Darcrest, a lush dark shade from the
Nature-Inspired Collection that perfectly
complements any modern kitchen.

Caesarstone is a global leader in premium surfaces, specialising in countertops that create dynamic spaces of inspiration in the heart of the home. Established in 1987, its multi-material portfolio of over 100 colours combines the company’s innovative technology with its powerful design passion. Spearheading high-quality, sustainable surfaces, Caesarstone delivers functional resilience with timeless beauty for a vast range of applications, including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and more, for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Since it pioneered quartz countertops over thirty years ago, the brand has expanded into porcelain and natural stone and is on the ground in more than 50 countries worldwide while enhancing customer experience through the expansion of groundbreaking digital platforms and services.





For more information on the new Pebbles Collection or to schedule a visit, please contact 9011 3559