Alexis Nicosia - Singapore

Alexis is a European entrepreneur based in Singapore. After a successful upscale F&B venture in Monaco he pursued his entrepreneurial dreams in Shanghai and then decided to join an oil brokerage firm in another fast-growing Asian economy, Singapore.

He has been managing a group of businesses in South East Asia for the past four years. One of his creations is the Oyster Bar, Singapore’s first fully fledged oyster bar, located in an iconic standalone glass house overlooking the Marina Bay.

The Caesarstone Added Value

Dominating the classy and stylish interior of the Oyster Bar is a large bar with an open concept kitchen and beverage area, where guests can relax and witness the fine culinary skill of the chefs and mixologist upclose and personal.

For Alex it was fundamental to create an interior design that would reflect the concept of sophistication and elegance beyond the food and drinks selection.

The gastronomic menu comprises unique oysters from all over the world, seafood and wagubeef accompanied by a wide variety of fine champagnes. The quality of the food and beverages blend in very well into luxury and the classy ambience sets a relaxing mood.

Alexis, being perfectionist in pursuing design excellence, did not hesitate even for a moment on the choice of the surfaces for his Oyster Bar, choosing Caesarstone as kitchen, bar countertops and table tops.

What led Alexis to choose Caesarstone is the search for a product that were both commercially practical and functionable. Maintainance factors like resistant to scratches, stains caused by dirt, sauces or wine and yet, preserving any unnecessary wear and tear over time were Alex’s main concern. So, four years after the opening of the Oyster Bar, Caesarstone surfaces are like new, no scratches and dents and have the scintillating beauty of the first day.

In this regard, Alexis said: "I had no doubts about the choice of Caesarstone, because these surfaces are a sight for the eyes and a pleasure of cool smoothness at the touch. They give me a feeling of perfection. If you are thinking of changing the look of your kitchen, you cannot do it without Caesarstone! Those surfaces are the best out there in terms of hygiene, practicality and beauty. After experiencing Caesarstone products for the Oyster Bar I have decided to use it to renew the kitchen of my home and I can see up close how easy it is to clean and maintaine. I would recommend it to everyone!"

Caesarstone has a true added value for Alexis's Oyster Bar and he is proud to be associated with the quality product ultimately that reflects his vision of constant striving for excellence.

About Oyster Bar

70 Collyer Quay 01-01, Customs House, Singapore 049323

Oyster Bar is a champagne bar and stocks one of the largest champagne list in Singapore. We advice all to experience thesome French oyster accompanied by a good glass of champagne while contemplating the most beautiful panorama of singapore, sitting comfortably at the Oyster bar, all surrounded by the touch of Caesarstone.