Testimonial: Chef Eric Teo Uses Caesarstone for ET Studio, Office and Kitchen


Foodie or not – chances are you’ve heard of Eric Teo. One of the top local celebrity chefs in Singapore, he has garnered several awards throughout his career spanning almost two decades and is a familiar face on TV cooking shows and competitions. Along with his wealth of culinary experience and his infectious energy, Chef Eric has become the go-to culinary advisor, setting the standards of culinary excellence in Singapore.

He recently relocated ET Culinary Studio, his office and work kitchen. Let’s take a look at his new space:

Tell us about your new place and the functions of the space

The ET Culinary Studio here is my new office and work kitchen. The Mediacorp cooking shows, live streaming videos, and my research and development for new dishes happen here, in this space.


Describe the overall theme of the kitchen design that you have chosen and how your choice of countertop fits in

I am already using Caesarstone at home and at my private dining studio 3Embers. Hence it is a no-brainer for me to choose Caesarstone again.

At this studio, I chose a dark wooden cabinet as a backdrop, and so a brighter colour at the foreground would give a good colour contrast for the camera. The 5151 Empira White stood out to me as it had a clear white base, and the fine marble veins are vivid and natural looking. Hence, we used this colour for the island countertop and the sink counter at the side.


What is a must in your work kitchen?

Food safety is very important in the kitchen. Caesarstone is naturally nonporous and prevents the growth of surface mould and bacteria. Being certified with NSF sanitary standards, it is safe to use for food preparation in restaurants, hotels, and more.

“Caesarstone is known for its durability, so it is one less headache for me when it comes to maintenance.”


 - Chef Eric Teo-


 My life keeps me busy, and there is a lot on my plate. When it comes to a work kitchen, I don’t compromise on quality. I always use the best quality kitchen fittings and equipment. Caesarstone is known for its durability, so it is one less headache for me when it comes to maintenance. As the inventor of quartz surfaces and a brand leader, I trust using Caesarstone in my kitchen.


Thank you Eric for your enduring support for Caesarstone!

Watch Chef Eric Teo’s ET Culinary Studio using Caesarstone

Chef Eric Teo’s Home using Caesarstone

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