Dan Menchion - Canada

Designer, Dan Menchions 

Dan Menchions is a founding partner of II BY IV Design Associates Inc., an internationally recognized design firm based in Toronto, Canada. Along with his partner Keith Rushbrook, II BY IV have designed highly functional and inspired environments for luxury retailers, private residences, restaurateurs, property developers, and others for almost twenty years.
Their expert interpretations of current and emerging lifestyles, attitudes, and expectations, applied to the design of retail, hospitality, commercial, and special purpose interiors has been recognized internationally with over 100 awards. II BY IV’s skills in balancing beauty and business needs are equally renowned, evident in countless environments that support operational demands without sacrificing design character. ​​
Key Philosophy
II BY IV’s design philosophy is “Design Magically. Think Practically.” In collaborating with his design team Dan instills a sense of unlimited possibility in approaching materials, telling them that anything they conceive of can be made.
A recent installation for CIOT, the Canadian distributor of Caesarstone’s quartz surface products (pictured above), beautifully illustrates this philosophy by using laser cutting, water jetting, and filigree detailing techniques to create exquisite Caesarstone designed displays. No other product offers II BY IV’s designers this combination of creative freedom and business value for projects of every scale..
The Caesarstone Added Value
Whether suggesting materials for a 1,700-unit complex, envisioning a friend’s new kitchen, or creating an ultra white quartz surface floor for a luxury development presentation center, Caesarstone’s quartz surface products consistently bring Dan the freedom, beauty, and flexibility that internationally recognized projects demand.
Caesarstone’s quartz surface products are as attractive as they are cost-effective. Dan notes that the consistency, virtually seamless and stain-free appearance, and the ease of working with the products appeals to both developers and individual clients.
While kitchens and bathrooms are popular environments to find Caesarstone’s products, the 40 ft long centerpiece reception desk of Toronto’s luxury Bohemian Embassy residences (pictured above) is yet another example of how II BY IV’s signature approach creates refined atmospheres that express effortless style and function.
While preferring a neutral palette for the base structural elements of an environment, he appreciates the wide assortment of colours and finishes available. In particular, the range of warm and cool tones work exceptionally well in traditional or contemporary applications – attributes of Caesarstone’s quartz surface products that Dan feels are unequalled by any other competitive product.
Profoundly Innovative Functional Design
With the promise of unlimited possibilities at the heart of their design process, confidence in materials is paramount. II BY IV have approximately 65 projects on board over the next few years, and choosing Caesarstone’s quartz surface products for the majority of their clients large and small allows Dan and his team of designers the freedom to expand possibilities, elevate experiences, and fulfill the functional requirements of environments to stunning effect.