Jacques Kallis - South Africa

Jacques Kallis
For some, cricket is a mere spectator sport, yet for South African born Jacques Henry Kallis, cricket is a way of life. Considered one of the greatest all-rounder cricketers in the world, celebrity cricket player Kallis is a national asset to the South African team and his multitalented skills on the field have propelled him into the elite of world cricket. Declared Player of the Year a number of times over the past few years, Jacques Kallis is world renown for his superior stamina, an unflappable temperament and a mental strength that many cricket opponents consider his primary weapon.
The Caesarstone Added Value
Jacques loves to entertain family and friends at home and once he discovered the pleasure of working on the Caesarstone quartz surfaces he never looked back. Having lived with a CaesarStone quartz surface in his home for a while now, he recommends it not only as a great working surface, but also as a surface that adds an extra dimension to the design of his home. As a warm South African host, he loves to create and serve up drinks and snacks on his Caesarstone surfaces, and time after time his guests comment on the simple beauty of his trendy countertops. In terms of complementing the design of his contemporary looking home, Jacques is exceptionally pleased that Caesarstone gave him the exact kind of look and feel he was looking. Once he had selected his final design surfaces, he was delighted by the fantastic look of the finished product and how well they integrated with his dark wood kitchen, scullery and bar cupboards.
A Perfectionist Inspired by Perfection
As a perfectionist cricketer who is always looking to improve his game, Jacques Kallis never fails to be inspired by the perfection of others. In his own words, Kallis admits that he enjoys being challenged by playing against the best in the world and performing consistently at the highest level. Like many other Caesarstone fans, Kallis believes that Caesarstone offers him a world-class, best-in-field, innovative solution with premier kitchen surfaces that are ideal for professionals and amateurs alike. Kallis openly admits that he is passionate about cleanliness and tidiness in his home and Caesarstone gives his house that perfect finished feel. It is also important to Kallis that Caesarstone is a genuinely eco-friendly product that carries an ISO 14001 global standard for environmental protection as he believes we should be doing the most we can to enhance a quality environment in today’s modern times. Above all, Jacques Kallis appreciates the professional service he received from the experts at Caesarstone. He thanks them for helping to make his home beautiful and keenly recommends Caesarstone surfaces to anyone who wants to integrate them into the design of their dream home.