Jae Omar - USA

Jae Omar

With his conceptual approach to solving design challenges, Jae Omar has become one of Southern California’s most popular designers among celebrity and A-list clients due to his interior and furniture design talent and manufacturing skills. Omar enjoys close working relationships with clients who seek to customize every detail of their project’s space. His exceptional designs deliver sublime luxury utilizing clean, simple lines fusing unusual, innovative materials that show endless attention to detail. Omar’s work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Brentwood, Palm Springs Life and on television shows such as Lynette Jennings, Cribs, Top Design and more.​

​The Caesarstone Added Value

Jae Omar found that Caesarstone® offered him an innovative design freedom that enhanced his personal vision of attention to detail. Jae and his team chose to work with Caesarstone for a number of reasons when it came to creating his highly architectural, sculptural sinks. For Jae it was critical to find a highly durable, slab-based surface that was clean, simple and consistent, yet also had a wide range of colour options that would enable him to remain loyal to the essence of his original designs. So when beginning to select the materials that would enable him to build each individual sink, Jae literally engineered the Caesarstone slabs in order to create a striking new dimension set in water and stone.

Jae strongly embraced the concept of the individual beauty of Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces which enables him to offer his clients the personalization that enhances his philosophy of creating unique, signature pieces. Jae designed the ETHOS, HYDROS, CHAOS, MYTHOS and TITUS sinks with a creative visualization that reflects an intriguing fusion of simplicity and complexity, ultimately redefining the boundaries between art and design, form and function, structure and romance.

Key Philosophy

Jae Omar immensely enjoys working with the cool, natural feel of Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces that enable him to balance his design and manufacturing talents with his overall vision. Omar, who frequently turns to nature for inspiration, finds himself in constant awe of how the elements in nature are so fiercely independent and yet so completely inter-dependant. For him, whether it’s the sky and the mountains, the sand and the trees…each part not only survives within but contributes to the delicate balance of the bigger picture. That’s where Caesarstone fits perfectly into his design vision as he believes that his entire life in design is aimed at achieving ultimate balance and harmony with nature.