John Sofio - USA

Architectural Designer John Sofio

John Sofio, founder and president of Los Angeles-based Built, Inc., works in the tradition of modern designers who design, build and furnish unique residential and commercial spaces. John prefers to have complete control throughout the process - from design to installation - and his bold colors, clean lines and a refreshing creative approach to contemporary design have gained him international acclaim. Celebrated for his visually striking look and feel, John is a visionary whose choices of materials and pragmatism balance freedom and control with an uncompromising approach to design and style.​​

The Caesarstone Added Value
The creative freedom, quality and service offered by Caesarstone® has played an important role in bringing John’s vision to life for many of his residential and commercial clients. Today, whether he’s designing for restaurants or a family home, no other material more completely satisfies both the senses and the sensibilities of his diverse clientele. Sofio believes that Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces offer him an incomparable array of textures and colors that enable him to explore diverse designs from modern to traditional style homes. Strong, beautiful, hygienic and low maintenance, John uses CaesarStone’s quartz surfaces to offer his clients value that extends far into the life of a space and enhances his philosophy of creating classic, timeless projects.

Telling a Story
Sofio believes that Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces offer him a contemporary product delivering an elegance and style that is almost impossible to achieve with tile or granite. When he works with Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces, for him it’s like telling a story through materials; one that evolves in the life of a space. It’s a story of light and color, of beauty and function and more importantly, it’s a story of how smart design and the right materials can elevate the everyday into the exceptional.

Sofio feels that the creative freedom and quality service supplied by the Caesarstone warranty, enables him to bring his vision for residential and commercial clients to life. And of course, for him the added value is always embedded in the Caesarstone promise of quality control, consistently uniform surfaces and ongoing innovation. A keen environmentalist whose many clients share his concern, working with Caesarstone helps John to feel that he’s helping to add to the big picture of enhancing a quality global environment.