Testimonial: Home Tour @ Nadiah M Din New Home #lapouponsmaison

We interviewed Nadiah M. Din, TV and Film Actress & Host on her new home #lapouponsmaison, and the inspiration behind her dreamy resort villa-like home. Read on and watch video.

Nadiah M Din Home Tour #lapouponsmaison​ | Caesarstone Singapore


On the day Caesarstone was installed, they made such a huge design impact to the whole place. It was the cherry on the cake! My home looked incomplete without them.


 - Celebrity, Actress and Host Nadiah M. Din.-



What does ‘Home’ mean to you?

“ ‘Home’, to me and my family, is where we can be at our most comfortable, and a place that is filled with so much love and happiness. It is our safe sanctuary.”


How has Covid affected your family at home?

“Covid delayed our renovation plans by a couple of months, with leisure travel closed and being confined at home, we knew our home had to be more than just a roof over our heads.

My mother instincts on having a clean environment for my children only became stronger when Covid happened. Hence, a place where it is easy to clean and maintain is crucial.”


Describe the overall theme of the interior design that you have chosen.

“Pre-Covid, travelling was a big part of our lives. The feeling of returning to the villa after a day of exploring was one of the best. We thought about our favourite destinations, like Ubezkistan and Bali, and chose to build our happy travel memories into our house. We included touches of rattan and textures that were commonly found in resorts to recreate the holiday vibe. Patterns and textures helped create more depth, but we kept it to a few elements so that the overall design does not get overly busy or gaudy-looking.

Secondly, we love having guests over. Therefore, creating a welcoming space is important.”


How did you get to know about Caesarstone?

“We were looking for something unique and easiest to maintain, and were asking people around us and researching on Google and Instagram. Caesarstone constantly came up. So we looked further and the 6046 Moorland Fog was a love at first sight! The dark swirls and warm beige tones attracted me as it reminded me of a kitchen in a Bali resort we stayed in and found it to be a perfect fit for our kitchen.

I used the same 6046 Moorland Fog for my laundry counter. For the bathroom counters, we chose a bright and bold marble-like 5151 Empira White, and a natural marble tone 5131 Calacatta Nuvo for the master bedroom vanity table.”


Why did you choose Caesarstone for your home?

“I knew that natural stones weren’t that easy to clean as I had it before, and it was stressful when there is an accidental food stain. Knowing that Caesarstone is stain-, mould- and mildew-resistant is a huge relief. One time, I accidentally got some turmeric sauce on it, but it was so much easier wiping the stain off!

My cats also love resting on the countertops so Caesarstone being scratch-resistant is such a plus.”


What are you most assured of, now that you have Caesarstone in your home?

On the day Caesarstone was installed, they made such a huge design impact to the whole place. It was the cherry on the cake! My home looked incomplete without them.

When guests come over, they ask if they can we check in into our home, because it looks like a hotel! They were really impressed, and their reaction were hilarious.

It was the easiest choice using Caesarstone for our home. It is so easy to clean, which is every mothers’ dream. The quality from the inventor of quartz surfaces is of no doubt.”


Thank you Nadiah for your kind words!


Explore the colours used in her home:

Kitchen countertop and laundry counter: 6046 Moorland Fog

Bathroom counter: 5151 Empira White

Master bedroom vanity table: 5131 Calacatta Nuvo