Testimonial: Home Tour at Soh Pei Shi’s New Home Tour


Soh Pei Shi, Singaporean influencer and Youtuber, moved with her family to a new 4 room HDB Built-To-Order (BTO). On why they chose Caesarstone, Pei Shi and her family fell in love with the looks of 5141 Frosty Carrina and the durability of quartz countertop. The gentle light marble veins on an ivory base matches well with their minimalist interior design.

Watch Video: Soh Pei Shi’s Family Home Tour

(Jump to 9:28 to see her introduction on Caesarstone!)

The kitchen is designed in a galley style, with 2 countertops parallel to each other. This convenient layout allows access the different kitchen storage spaces within steps. The stone is extended up into the full backsplash to continue the countertop design. Besides having a streamlined appearance, there is also an advantage to this - with less grooves compared to tiles, there is no hard scrubbing on the grout required and cleaning becomes a breeze.

Using Caesarstone instead of marble also means no sealing or polishing is needed, and easy maintenance for a busy household.

Thank you Pei Shi for selecting Caesarstone for your family home!


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