Wilson Teh – Singapore

Managing Director, Wilson Teh of Rezt & Relax Interior Pte Ltd

“As an interior design company, and professional in the industry, at Rezt and Relax, we are well informed about the materials available on the market. Caesarstone is a very reputable brand and one that can be seen everywhere.
What I particularly like about Caesarstone is their unique colours. They are constantly launching new designs to meet the latest industry trends. The quality and variety of their products is fantastic and we can adapt them to many different interior design styles.”
About Rezt and Relax Interior
Rezt & Relax Interior is a home-grown HDB accredited interior design company established in the year 2000 by two highly successful entrepreneurs - Mr. Wilson Teh and Mr. John Foo. Rezt & Relax provide all their customers with a Lifetime Warranty.
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