The Pebbles Collection

The Pebbles Collection: The symbol of constant creation

 Our Pebbles Collection traces the movement of water and wind on stone, offering five new sustainable surfaces that nurture comfort and calm by bringing the blessings of sunlight and rain to the heart of your home.


As its name suggests, Pebbles, part of Caesarstone’s 2023 Collection, presents a design look that draws inspiration from the most basic, fundamental parts of nature. This return to the essentials is a trend that has been seen in recent years, not only in the kitchen or even the wider home environment, but also throughout the world of design, fashion, and lifestyle. “It’s a return to simple, modest lines, yet with a sophisticated interpretation that adapts itself to the spirit of the modern age.


Consider the humble pebble, shaped by the ceaseless motion of water and wind, earth and sun. Each pebble has its own unique form and texture, reflecting the natural forces that have influenced it over the years. When we pick up a pebble and hold it in the palm of our hand, we can almost feel its transformative journey.


 The new collection is notable for its calm, soothing, and apparently simple designs, with a color palette that ranges from a light, almost white surface with a trendy look and matte or glossy finish, through various shades of gray, including a cool gray and a warmer concrete-like gray, with transparency and depth, to an especially dark gray, which has also been given a contemporary twist.


The Pebbles Collection: A handful of nature

The collection’s five pebble-inspired designs feature a dynamic palette of warm, grey monochromes laced with softer hues, creating distinctive textures that trace the everlasting path of the pebble, encapsulating a heartfelt appreciation for nature.


These refined color variations create a distinct aesthetic, opening the door to a playful interaction between the surface’s calm, relaxed appearance and the other adjacent colors and shades contributed by complementary accessories, kitchen cabinets, or walls. The limited, restrained use of bright tones and colorful prints allows the quiet, moderate appearance to be maintained with clear color accents while avoiding unnecessary visual noise.

 As a result, these sustainable countertops may seem smooth and uniform from afar, but a closer examination will reveal surprising nuances that bring about a constantly shifting look, resembling the range of shades found in nature. Each Pebbles countertop brings together two shades that subtly differ while also blending together, accented by delicate capillaries.

Nature-inspired Design

The new vivid design expand our nature-inspired portfolio and reveal the play of the elements across infinite landscapes, exposing metamorphic rock with mysterious mineral weathering, to connect every home with nature’s heart.


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The symbol of constant creation

Each pebble in nature is like a piece of artwork made by water and wind. Which is why we wanted to bring this into our design by telling the story of a pebble in each of our new surfaces. Our new Pebbles Collection is inspired by the story of nature by embracing the memory of movement on earth, transformed into beauty and strength.

“There’s something very simple and accessible about pebbles, but there’s something unusual too,” comments Mor Krisher, Caesarstone’s Chief Designer. “The complex process of their formation, and the changes they undergo over time, are echoed in our growth process and the development of our sustainable surfaces, as well as the technologies that have now enabled us to create and produce this new collection. We add our unique touch, the necessary refinement, until you have the perfect countertop for your home.”